Sustainability Goals

The reduction of greenhouse gases from operations is a key tenet of RI&S' sustainability program. The business is responsible for operating facilities in ways that efficiently use resources and minimize greenhouse gas emissions, developing robust and innovative programs to meet these commitments.

To minimize resource strain, RI&S prioritizes water reuse to conserve local water resources. Its waste diversion and zero-waste programs have been publicly recognized for innovation in waste reuse, recycling and composting. These programs have been standardized across its facilities.

Sustainability is about collaboration, and RI&S supports and engages with its suppliers and vendors to meet commitments together. By forging these partnerships based on circular economy principles, they’ve been able to solve sustainability challenges in hard-to-tackle areas such as waste in clean rooms and labs, responsible electronic waste management, and lifecycle sustainability of campus cafeterias.

Our Path to Sustainability

Aircraft / Travel

15% / 46%

reduction in greenhouse gases (GHGs) by 2025 / 2030 from 2019
Mission Critical Support


electricity from renewable sources by 2025 
Energy efficiency


reduction in energy consumption by 2025 from 2019
Water Conservation


reduction in water consumption by 2025 from 2019


reduction in waste sent to landfill / incineration by 2025 from 2019
Bar Graph / Industry Leadership


implementation of energy/GHG, water and waste best management practices by 2025

ESG Report

Focus Areas

Decarbonizing its Operations

Solar Panels

RI&S is upgrading its infrastructure and processes in order to generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

Minimizing Resource Usage

Lush greenery outside building

RI&S is conserving natural resources in the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of its products and the delivery of its services.

Collaborating with Suppliers

Hydrogen powered engines display

RI&S is supporting the efforts of industry partners to improve efficiency and operations.

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