Our space-based active and passive sensing technologies are at the cutting edge of data collection for Earth observation. From hurricane tracking to crowdsourcing weather data, RI&S supports a number of critical missions to advance knowledge of our globe.

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VIIRS assembly


VIIRS is a key instrument in the Joint Polar Satellite System, the nation's next generation polar-orbiting operational environmental satellite system.

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Pacific Northwest June 2021 heatwave

The Earth Prediction Innovation Center

The Earth Prediction Innovation Center, or EPIC. The goal of EPIC is to catalyze community research and modeling system advances that continually inform and accelerate advances to the U.S.’s operational weather forecast modeling systems operated by NOAA’s National Weather Service. 
VIIRS globe


A NASA big data system, developed and maintained by Raytheon Intelligence & Space, helps scientists forecast the potential impact of climate change.

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