Next-Generation Maritime Situational Awareness

The SeaVue radar is known for its proven ability to detect, in high-sea states, small maritime vessels including the stealthy, self-propelled semi-submersible craft that pose a significant threat to homeland security.

Building upon the heritage of our SeaVue Expanded Mission Capability radar, the SeaVue Multi-role radar is Raytheon Intelligence & Space’ next-generation multiplatform, multi-mission, software-defined surveillance radar for manned and unmanned airborne platforms.

SeaVue Multi-role radar improves wide-area surveillance effectiveness, identifying threats quickly and efficiently, and is capable of performing a wide variety of challenging missions.

The radar’s proven operational performance enables the system to detect, track and classify over 1,000 targets efficiently and effectively, providing a substantial increase in mission utility. Additionally, its color weather mode includes wind shear and turbulence detection that can augment an on-board weather radar to ensure safe operation in severe weather conditions.

Its superior small-target detection range enables platforms to operate at higher altitudes and longer ranges, ensuring better search coverage for every flight hour and greater overall mission endurance.

With available automatic identification system, or AIS, correlation, SeaVue Multi-role radar provides operators with wide-area surveillance to support tactical decision making, significantly improving mission effectiveness and operational efficiency.


  • Software-defined modular and scalable architecture
  • Capability upgrades do not require costly hardware changes
  • Superior small target detection from high altitudes
  • Ability to track greater than 1,000 targets
  • Color weather mode

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