Raytheon Intelligence & Space transforms enterprise protection through collaborative development with security as the foundation of capability. Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s DevSecOps offerings uniquely combine agility, security, flexibility and innovation for developing systems, delivering services and optimizing operations.

A DevOps approach focuses on a culture of unifying development and operations, highlighting team roles and responsibilities and emphasizing organizational quality assurance. This allows the application of security practices during development, integration, operations and delivery. DevSecOps Optimization embeds security practices and automation not as an afterthought, but rather as part of the agile product backlog, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, continuous monitoring and feedback.

At Raytheon Intelligence & Space, we have the scale, the community and the depth of security expertise to focus on the “Sec,” so that your organization can focus on the success of your “Dev” and “Ops”. While all organizations want to improve efficiency, reduce cost and prevent security threats, we believe every customer’s requirements and needs are different.