Never trust, always verify

That’s the basic principle behind the Zero Trust Security model. Zero Trust Security is centered on the principle that organizations should never trust anyone or anything by default, regardless of their affiliation, role, or location. To be effective, a Zero Trust security approach must be consistently and continuously applied to all users, devices, networks, workloads, and data. 

Comprehensive, Future-proof Zero Trust Security Platform

REDPro ZTX (Zero Trust eXtended) addresses the challenges many organizations face implementing comprehensive, multi-layered Zero Trust Architecture.

REDPro ZTX is a vendor-agnostic, future-proof plug-and-play framework platform that enables best-in-class Zero Trust technologies to operate seamlessly and provide real-time visibility of cyber threats that could impact mission critical operations. This allows organizations to integrate new or emerging technologies as they become available without the concern of vendor lock-in. Its robust modular architecture provides REDPro ZTX users with the flexibility to select and integrate REDPro ZTX modular technologies that best fit an organization’s protection needs.

Cyber Resilient, Zero Trust Security

The goal of REDPro ZTX is to provide comprehensive Zero Trust security, while also speeding up deployments, lowering risks, simplifying operations and reducing response times. The framework’s embedded functionality serves as an advanced, Zero Trust Policy Enforcement Point that makes access decisions based on multiple real-time contextual trust indicators. The platform proactively protects users, devices, networks, applications and data from unauthorized, risky, or suspicious usage. RedPro ZTX includes a core management system that monitors all Zero Trust and cyber resiliency elements, incorporating SOAR to accelerate event situational awareness and response.

REDPro ZTX can provide both Zero Trust security and cyber resiliency simultaneously. This is accomplished through the intelligent integration of dual-use technologies, such as distributed hardware root of trust and system root of trust capabilities.

Its multi-layered approach to Zero Trust makes it exponentially harder for internal and external threat actors to avoid detection, steal information or tamper with mission-critical systems. By fusing Zero Trust security with cyber resiliency, REDPro ZTX provides comprehensive SecOps, including pro-active defense capabilities that are designed to defeat even the most sophisticated adversaries.

Seamless and Secure Integration

Simply put, REDPro ZTX enables customers to decide in which area to start their Zero Trust journey – without abandoning existing security investment, which can be tailored to meet specific use-cases or requirements. This lowers complexity, cost and risk for organizations, maximizing their return on investment.

REDPro integration diagram

REDPro ZTX was designed to seamlessly integrate Zero Trust technologies on-premise, edge, cloud-based or hybrid. It leverages open data formats, standard communication protocols, and is compliant with Executive Order 14028 and Zero Trust standards such as NIST SP 800-207 and DISA’s Zero Trust Reference Architecture. REDPro ZTX’s standard compliance and its open, extendable, deployment platform-agnostic architecture prevents vendor and product lock-in, thus providing a future-proof platform. Its library of pre-vetted, optional components from industry-leading technology partners accelerates the Zero Trust rollout while reducing risks.

Real-time Cyber Situational Awareness

REDPro ZTX includes an intuitive, web-based user interface for real-time cyber situational awareness, automation and orchestration, governance, along with command and control. This enables full spectrum, multi-layered monitoring, and policy enforcement across all enterprise pillars.  REDPro ZTX also provides built-in SIEM & SOAR capabilities to enable autonomous “self-healing” operations, and ready-made playbooks for rapid response.

REDPro Dashboard

REDPro ZTX Dashboard

Grounded on user-centered design principles, the dashboard was designed with cyber analysts, putting their goals and objectives at the forefront. REDPro ZTX is capable of automated, semi-automated, or manual responses to any threats involving identity, devices, networks, data and applications. Each action is built intuitively minimizing Mean-Time To Respond.

REDPro Dashboard

REDPro ZTX Autonomous Operations

Manage events with confidence by seeing the risk level and automated responses for any alert. When responding to a threat, automation is communicated clearly, whether its machine-based automation or involves Human-In-The-Loop interaction. Based on cognitive human factors, REDPro ZTX’s autonomous capabilities have been designed to play a central role in analysts’ comprehension and understanding in the dynamic environment of cybersecurity.

Unmatched Deployment Flexibility

REDPro ZTX provides a uniform way to manage enterprise Zero Trust security deployments including at the edge, on premises, cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. Since REDPro ZTX is vendor-agnostic and containerized, it provides customers with simple, rapid, unmatched deployment flexibility on bare metal and/or virtualized servers.

Simplifying The Zero Trust Journey

Since there is no one-size-fits-all Zero Trust security solution, Raytheon Intelligence & Space has developed a tailorable ZTA framework to simplify the Zero Trust journey. Our Zero Trust consulting practice provides a cadre of expert cybersecurity personnel that are experienced and highly trained to meet the most stringent customer demands. Our expert staff will use a combination of advanced proven commercial and/or home-grown toolsets combined with Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s REDPro ZTX platform to accelerate the deployment of Zero Trust fundamentals across an organization’s enterprise.

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