Tomorrow’s wars will not be fought in individual domains or won by individual solutions. Only by connecting domains and networking battle systems will commanders enable near-instantaneous decision-making and ensure mission success. To rapidly make multi-domain C2 possible, Raytheon Technologies is partnering with non-traditional companies to integrate the best commercial software into existing defense systems.

Combining the best defense systems with the best commercial technologies

Working closely with some of the best minds in Silicon Valley, Raytheon Technologies is quickly and cost-effectively leveraging commercial advances in automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning to break down stovepipes and modernize C2 architecture.

This approach has already enabled the U.S. Air Force to develop new applications that accelerate and automate once-complex tasks like target planning and battle damage assessment, and deploy these powerful new tools in weeks, instead of years.

Our approach in action

Defend across domains

  • Analytics
  • Automation

Conducting vulnerability assessments. Hardening existing platforms. Monitoring every touchpoint. With deep end-to-end cyber expertise across markets, sectors and continents, Raytheon Technologies assures data integrity and enables commanders to trust networked C2 systems.

Analytics Automation