Raytheon UK is delivering unmatched, proven and sustainable solutions for enhanced air traffic surveillance to service providers worldwide.

As the world’s skies become more congested, it has become vital to manage all air traffic effectively in order to ensure its safety, security and successful operation.

Since pioneering the world’s first Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) system, Raytheon UK's low maintenance and long-life MSSR technology has proved a global success with installations across the UK, U.S., North Africa, Middle-East, South-East Asia, etc. The company is a major supplier of MSSR system technology and the only UK manufacturer of civil air traffic control (ATC) radars.

Raytheon UK has been instrumental in the development of radar, from the wartime Chain Home early warning system to inventing the first Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR). Find out how Raytheon UK delivers Air Traffic Management Systems in more than 45 countries as well as learn about it’s most advance MSSR to-date in this video.

Condor Mk3 MSSR is Raytheon UK’s next-generation Mode S MSSR system. This innovative, new, low-cost, high-probability detection radar brings together indigenous state-of-the-art surveillance technologies to provide cutting-edge, reliable, hardware to air traffic operators around the world.

A next-generation solution built on the excellent pedigree of the company’s successful Condor Mk2, the Mk3 introduces enhanced features such as a high-duty cycle transmitter and built-in ADS-B advanced decoding capability. Raytheon UK's ADS-B patented decoding algorithms ensure superior performance in the most harsh environments.

Condor Mk3 delivers the highest performance, without compromise, at a very competitive and affordable price. Designed by Raytheon Technologies engineers to implement the latest available processing technology while greatly decreasing the number of internal line replaceable units, Condor Mk3 brings significant benefits to today’s air traffic control operators.

Raytheon UK frequently participates as a key player in major programmes run by Raytheon Technologies, providing complete solutions for terminal and en route air traffic management (ATM) systems. Such programmes often involve a complete upgrade of customers' surveillance infrastructure with latest generation Mode S radar systems. Mk3 programmes are already underway or have been completed in Brazil, the Netherlands, Norway and NavCan, with active global interest from other Air Traffic Operators across Africa, the America's, Europe and the Middle East.

To date, Raytheon Technologies has installed more than 800 MSSR systems in both commercial and military applications across the globe. Commercial customers include major national air navigation service providers such as the Federal Aviation Authority, National Air Traffic Services and Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), as well as smaller regional airport operators. Among military customers are the UK Ministry of Defence, U.S. Department of Defense, Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Royal Danish Air Force.

With technological developments in sustainable energies, the rise of wind farm turbines and their interference for ATC primary surveillance radars (PSR) has drawn considerable attention within the ATM industry in recent years. In addition to MSSRs, Raytheon UK also offers complete turnkey ATM solutions, including PSRs with wind farm mitigation technology and automation. Raytheon UK has successfully delivered effective, intelligent and high-performing wind farm mitigation technology to multiple global customers, including the radar installation for the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the UK's National Air Traffic Services.