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Designed to be readily adaptable and easily transportable, the Deployable Air Traffic Control Automation and Comms System (DAACS) fills air traffic control needs with its transportable shelters. DAACS is interoperable with a variety of radars and sensors and is equipped with Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) controller terminals, can send and receive flight data, and can be set up in less than eight hours.

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DAACS provides expeditionary air traffic control approach and en-route capability for all types of aircraft. DAACS consists of transportable ATC operations shelters that are easily deployed to restore fixed facility services or expand expeditionary capabilities. It integrates with multiple sensor feeds and connects to existing communications infrastructure to perform all the same ATC functions that a permanent structure offers. Included in the DAACS operations shelter are an Air Traffic Control Automation System, eight positions, VHF/UHF ground to air radios, voice communication control system, information display system and it provides flight data input/output.

DAACS can be deployed to support expeditionary operations, humanitarian relief missions, natural disasters, acts of terrorism or other situations where ATC services are temporarily unavailable. It can also be used to provide interim mission support when a fixed ATC facility is scheduled to be out of service due to modifications or upgrades. In 2019, DAACS was deployed for two months to sustain Tyndall Air Force Base Radar Approach Control operations in Florida following Hurricane Michael.

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Interoperable with numerous sensors including ADS-B, AN/TPN-31 ATNAVICS, and CARSR

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