Integrated SIGINT Solutions

Development - Integration - Analysis - On-site Services - Mission Operations and Support

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Broadband Communication Systems

High-reliability broadband systems

Broadband communication products

Robust, high data rate network reconnaissance and metadata processing solutions

Expert technical services for the IC

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Surveillance Systems

Airborne COMINT solutions for conventional and modern wireless signals

Select airborne ELINT systems for international platforms

Special signals capability

Sensors/Signal processing for unconventional signals

QRC implementations on special mission aircraft

Expert technical services for the IC and restricted SOF

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Network Information Operations

Network Enabled Access Solutions/Expertise

C2/Connectivity Tools and Infrastructure

Cyber Operations Focused Analytic Solutions

Network Focused Tools and Effects

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Multi-Domain Battle Management (MDBM)

Mission planning and command & control

Integrated Electronic Warfare

System of Systems when combined with sensors & effectors

Plan, coordinate, manage & deconflict unit EW activities

Battle management for distributed, networked EW

Aligned with fires, synchronizes air/ground spectrum operations