See Further. Track Longer. Aim Smarter.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space's Multi-Spectral Targeting System (MTS) combines electro-optical/ infrared (EO/IR), laser designation, and laser illumination capabilities in a single sensor package.

Combat proven, with nearly four million operational flight hours, the MTS product family of sensors, including MTS-A, MTS-B, MTS-C, MTS-D (AN/DAS-4) provide detailed intelligence data from the visual and infrared spectrum in support of U.S. military, civilian and allied missions around the world.

Using cutting-edge digital architecture, MTS brings long-range surveillance, target acquisition, tracking, range finding and laser designation for the Griffin® missile and Paveway® laser-guided bomb, as well as all tri-service and NATO laser-guided munitions. MTS sensors feature multiple fields of view, electronic zoom, multimode video tracking and are designed to incorporate future growth options and performance enhancements.

To date, Raytheon Intelligence & Space has delivered more than 3,000 MTS sensors to U.S. and international armed forces and successfully integrated 44 variants of the system on more than 20 rotary-wing, Unmanned Aerial System, and fixed-wing platforms – including the MH-60 Blackhawk, the C-130 Hercules, the MQ-9C Reaper, the MQ-1 Predator, and the MQ-1C Gray Eagle.

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