Lightweight, affordable, compact radar for any platform

The next generation of radar superiority is here: Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s PhantomStrike harnesses the fire control of a fighter in its lightest form factor ever, delivering heavyweight performance for a fraction of the cost.

Lightweight Radar. Heavyweight Performance. PhantomStrike – less than 100 pounds and half the weight of modern AESA radars – delivers the heavyweight performance needed for superior battlespace situational awareness.

100% of the Capability. At an Attritable cost. With digital beam forming and steering, multimode functionality and interleaved ground and air targeting, PhantomStrike delivers superior radar capability at half the cost of typical fire control radars.

Designed to be Different. PhantomStrike combines a GaN-power, an innovative packaging of its digital receiver/exciter and processor called CHIRP and a first-of-its-kind air-cooled design. The results: a radar that costs 50% less and is up to 80% lighter while using 65% of the power of comparable radar systems.

Platform Agnostic. The PhantomStrike is designed to be integrated onto any platform, including a light-attack aircraft, rotary wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and stationary platforms such as cell towers. And thanks to its open mission systems architecture design, PhantomStrike is easily upgraded, ensuring its battlespace relevance for years to come.