Raytheon Intelligence & Space develops artificial intelligence and machine learning for application across a multitude of domains and systems: space, cybersecurity, weather, national security and intelligence. Our AI technology and systems, which incorporate explainability and reliability, can do critical groundwork and data analysis to deliver recommended courses of action, leaving the operators to focus on making the best decision.

We build AI systems our customers can trust

When AI is used in environments where the outcomes are critical and the consequences are high, operators need transparency in the decision-making process – and accountability from their machines. To build trust, we provide an explainable process and system so operators understand how a recommendation is made and feel confident acting on the AI’s decision.

AI/ML makes sense of the complex

There’s a need for autonomy and automation in data analysis – especially when speed and accuracy are paramount. AI and ML helps by doing the legwork – searching, processing and fusing larger amounts of data across the domains – and helping humans save their brainpower for decision-making. This makes AI/ML critical for the future battlefield.

Products & Services

digital DNA

Synthetic Biology

Our scientists do the mathematical modeling behind synthetic biology, a field that could bring about enormous advances in medicine, agriculture, energy and even military intelligence.

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Constellation Management Satellites

Constellation Management

We help our customers get the most value from their orbiting assets through a command and control system that works on any platform, with any sensor and on any orbit. And, through modern software approaches and artificial intelligence and machine learning, we can do it faster than ever.

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An abstract blueprint-like picture of the earth and a satellite.

Cyber Mission Services

Mission Services offers rapid development and delivery of technical solutions in response to dynamically changing operational requirements.

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High-Energy Laser mount with fully suited techs

Advanced Tech

This is tech with purpose. We engineer. We code. We research. We patent. We publish. But we do it not for flashy product reveals or to be the first to market. We do it because what we make matters.

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