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Advances in Earth observation, secure onboard processing, proliferated space layers and the data management technologies to task and plan missions at every orbit – we’ve got it all. Stop by our booth to experience these technologies firsthand and attend a variety of speaker sessions presented by the proud scientists and engineers who make all these innovations possible.


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37th Space Symposium Speaker Sessions

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Tuesday, April 5

10-10:40 am All Ideas are ‘Go’
1-1:15 pm From Photons to Forecasts
3-3:15 pm Predicting Pixels
3:25-3:40 pm Watching the Skies
3:50-4:05 pm From Photons to Forecasts
4:15-4:30 pm Weather Bending Radar
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Wednesday, April 6

10:30-10:55 am Big dreams start small:
     BCT’s Vertical Integration Advantage
3-3:15 pm Predicting Pixels
3:25-3:40 pm Watching the skies
3:50-4:05 pm Weather Bending Radar
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Thursday, April 7

9-9:15 am Weather Bending Radar
9:20-9:35 am Watching the Skies
9:40-9:55 am Predicting Pixels
3-3:15 pm Weather Bending Radar
3:20-3:35 pm Photons to Forecasts
3:50-4:05 pm Predicting Pixels

All Ideas are ‘Go’


Kristin Robertson, Tay Fitzgerald, Karen Casey, and Karen McConnell
How do we define leadership? What about diversity? Join four leaders from Raytheon Intelligence & Space as they discuss the changing workforce dynamics in aerospace and defense, the importance of mentorship, and share their stories of championing diversity across the business.

From Photons to Forecasts


Shawn Cochran
Understanding climate means understanding weather. Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s earth observation and weather sensing instruments paint a picture for scientists and everyday users by connecting photons to forecasts. Join Shawn Cochran to learn more about how RI&S has leveraged decades of experience in space to provide critical data.

Predicting Pixels: AI Image Labeling


Phil Sallee
Annotating image products can be a painstaking process, but our AI/ML-driven ALIAS system makes quick work of classifying pixels and image data into actionable information solutions. Join us for a demonstration.

Watching the Skies


Steve Wilkinson and Jeff Gallagher
We’re helping the National Radio Astronomy Observatory explore the solar system and watch the skies for near-Earth objects. Come learn about our next-generation planetary radar work and how we used it to capture the highest resolution images ever taken of the moon.

Weather Bending Radar: From Idea to 3D Reality


Nicole Haffke
When weather becomes severe, meteorologists spend critical time peeling layers of 2D radar images apart to determine how dangerous a storm might be. Raytheon Intelligence & Space has developed new radar mapping technology that reveals a storm’s intensity in 3D. Come learn how we turned this idea into reality.

Big dreams start small: BCT’s Vertical Integration Advantage


Josh Duncan
Join Blue Canyon Technologies for a lesson in managing your own supply chain from components to satellite buses. Learn more about the tools and methods employed by this pioneering business while getting up close and personal with spacecraft built in Colorado.
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