Earth surrounded by a constellation of satellites

A ‘USB’ for satellites

Raytheon Intelligence & Space engineers are pioneering new constellation management technology to control multiple satellites from a single ground station. The tech not only connects satellites to the ground, but also to one another.

Pilot uses IFF system to identify aircraft in a contested environment

Just like 'Top Gun'

The Identification Friend or Foe has run on Mode 4 since the 1960s. IFF Mode 5 significantly improves the ability to identify and track friendly aircraft, providing increased situational awareness to command and control and combat ID functions. Mode 5 improvements include new cryptography, stronger security features, modern signal modulation techniques and greater data content.

Illustration of people in a public place with their cellphones emitting Bluetooth chirps

A coalition of the willing

BBN Technologies is working with a group of leading cryptographers, physicians, privacy experts, scientists and engineers across the technology industry and academia on a smartphone contact tracing app, which ensures privacy, to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Air Force satellite communications technicians conduct routine maintenance on a satellite dish in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Protecting satellite communications

The Department of Defense recognized a need to guarantee our troops and allies access to secure satellite communications during critical missions and during the heat of battle. The solution: Protected Anti-Jam Tactical Satellite Communications or PATS.

A U.S. Marine Special Operations Team member in Afghanistan's Helmand province, using an ELCAN Specter® DR 1-4x dual role weapon sight.

Two views but one of a kind

The ELCAN Specter DR sight allows a shooter to switch instantly from one magnification to another without having to fine-tune or adjust focus or correct head position. The dual-role sight is also available with 1.5-6x magnification and more than 50 custom ballistic reticles to meet changing, unpredictable mission requirements, including custom reticles for mounted and dismounted machine guns.

 Jen Prindle, a Raytheon Technologies employees, hands meals to a family at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Los Angeles Harbor.

Hungry to help

Two Raytheon Intelligence & Space employees in the Los Angeles area are volunteering at local food banks during the global crisis. They are among a large number of Raytheon Technologies' employees who are helping in their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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