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Trusting AI when the stakes are high

Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, is developing artificial intelligence and machine learning systems for space systems, cyber protection, the intelligence community and military that are transparent, explainable and reliable. AI systems that their customers can trust.

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Delivering systems faster, smarter

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is embracing digital engineering, a holistic approach to designing, developing and testing defense systems in virtual environments before any part hits the production line. It is now the standard for innovating and delivering systems faster and smarter to our armed forces.

Marvin Mao works on a math problem

New Jersey teen wins top math contest

Marvin Mao, age 14, overcame 223 competitors, on May 11, 2021, to become the 2021 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Champion, earning a $10,000 scholarship. Marvin won the competition by achieving the highest score on a written test taken by top young mathematicians across the U.S.

Digital Engineering and FORGE

Delivering with digital engineering

Digital engineering is enabling engineers at Raytheon Intelligence & Space to deliver products to the customer faster and better. Using realistic modeling and simulation, digital engineering saves time and money by exposing potential problems and identifying opportunities to deliver products faster.

Pacific Northwest June 2021 heatwave

Crowdsourcing weather forecasts

An improved weather forecasting system could raise the alarm sooner to extreme weather events, helping save lives, send people to shelters and protect property. Raytheon Intelligence & Space will soon deliver a system that could give citizens the advance warning they need to protect life and limb.

Raytheon ELCAN thin film coating technician measures surface smoothness

Optics with pinpoint accuracy

Raytheon ELCAN, a Raytheon Technologies subsidiary, know that microns matter when it comes to their optical systems. That’s why the company invests in partnerships, and research and development in improving its optical systems’ preciseness so that it can help customers see better and farther, even from miles above the Earth.

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