SeaVue MR on the SeaGuardian UAS

Monitoring the high seas at high altitude

To help navies and coastal authorities, Raytheon Intelligence & Space has developed the SeaVue family of airborne radars, which are designed to detect small maritime targets, such as illegal fishing vessels, go-fast boats and stateless ships, on the high seas. RI&S engineers have upgraded the SeaVue radar to what is now called SeaVue Multi-Role.

DE M-SHORAD at Fort Sill

New weapon zaps UAS & other threats

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is delivering four 50-kilowatt class high-energy laser weapon systems as part of a U.S. Army program known as DE M-SHORAD, or Directed Energy Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense. The systems are intended to protect divisions and brigade combat teams from drones, rockets, artillery and missiles.

AIM center 3d render

Raytheon Technologies opens high-tech ‘factory of the future’ in North Texas

Raytheon Intelligence & Space holds grand opening of new Advanced Integration and Manufacturing Center, a 178,000 square-foot facility in McKinney, Texas, that will produce futuristic defense technologies including imaging equipment and high-energy laser weapon systems.

digital overlay of bridge traffic

Trusting AI when the stakes are high

Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, is developing artificial intelligence and machine learning systems for space systems, cyber protection, the intelligence community and military that are transparent, explainable and reliable. AI systems that their customers can trust.

A-10 Wireframe

Delivering systems faster, smarter

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is embracing digital engineering, a holistic approach to designing, developing and testing defense systems in virtual environments before any part hits the production line. It is now the standard for innovating and delivering systems faster and smarter to our armed forces.

Marvin Mao works on a math problem

New Jersey teen wins top math contest

Marvin Mao, age 14, overcame 223 competitors, on May 11, 2021, to become the 2021 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Champion, earning a $10,000 scholarship. Marvin won the competition by achieving the highest score on a written test taken by top young mathematicians across the U.S.

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