F-35 Fighter and Digital Engineering

'Digital Thread' levels playing field

For new employees at Raytheon Intelligence & Space digital engineering can help level the playing field by providing everyone the same information at every point in a process. It also plays to the strengths of new engineers just entering the workforce—a generation of natural innovators who are eager to take part in developing disruptive technology.

Satellite Dish transmitting binary numbers

Houston, we almost had a problem

Raytheon Intelligence & Space partnered with C3.ai to develop a predictive anomaly detection capability for satellites that alert operators to potential problems. The system can help operators address issues before they have a negative impact on the mission.

Josephson junction rendering

Capturing a single photon of light

Scientists at Raytheon BBN Technologies have developed new way to detect a single photon of light. The component, known as a Josephson junction, has big applications for sensors, communications and exponentially more powerful quantum processors driven by quantum bits, known as qubits.

Dual-Band Decoy tethered to a fighter jet

Decoys: A fighter's last line of defense

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is developing a next-generation decoy to counter advanced missiles, which now operate over a wider range of bands in the electromagnetic spectrum.

ARDS Drone lead

The Silent Intelligence Finder

Raytheon Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Raytheon Intelligence & Space, has developed a digital, passive ELINT sensor called Advanced Radar Detection System, or ARDS, that can detect radar emissions on the ground – without itself emitting any signal and remaining undetected.

Landsat 7 glacier monitoring

Looking beyond Landsat 7

In April 2021, the satellite marked its 22nd year of serving as a set of eyes on our home planet, documenting Earth’s splendors such as the expansion of cities and calamities like volcanic eruptions and historic wildfires. As the satellite notches another year, engineers from Raytheon Intelligence & Space are developing new technologies like a full-spectrum calibration system that could contribute to future generations of Landsat systems.

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