Landsat 7 glacier monitoring

Looking beyond Landsat 7

In April 2021, the satellite marked its 22nd year of serving as a set of eyes on our home planet, documenting Earth’s splendors such as the expansion of cities and calamities like volcanic eruptions and historic wildfires. As the satellite notches another year, engineers from Raytheon Intelligence & Space are developing new technologies like a full-spectrum calibration system that could contribute to future generations of Landsat systems.

Phishing attempt for SIENNA

A bot built to stop spearphishing

Raytheon BBN is working on a solution for social engineering attacks, called SIENNA – Strategies for Investigating and Eliciting Information from Nuanced Attackers – that combats these attacks while simultaneously trying to gather information about the attacker’s identity.

Intel analysts receive AI training

Boot camp trains intel analysts

Raytheon Intelligence & Space developed a 1.5-day artificial intelligence and machine learning boot camp to familiarize National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency analysts with cutting-edge intelligence tools and a broad perspective on AI, deep learning in machines and neural networks. NGA analysts attended the RI&S boot camp virtually in 2020.

Chance Rose codes in his home office

How to get ahead in cybersecurity

Cyber events like the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition help college students prepare for a career in cyber in the real-world, according to Raytheon Technologies, and it allows them to hit the ground running.

An artist’s concept of a sixth-generation fighter

Six predictions for the 6th-gen fighter

Engineers at Raytheon Intelligence & Space are developing the systems that could fly aboard future aircraft including the 6th-generation fighter.

Julie Montoya

A message to girls: Math is cool

Julie Montoya, a Raytheon Intelligence & Space lead systems engineer on a space program, builds confidence in girls and young women, telling them that they can succeed in careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

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