Raytheon Intelligence & Space completes performance demonstration of upgrades for Presidential and National Voice Conferencing Technology system

Provides protected communications capabilities using digital engineering to support Joint All Domain Command and Control

LARGO, Fla., (Nov 16, 2022) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, successfully demonstrated end-to-end system performance in its latest updates to the command-and-control capabilities of the Presidential and National Voice Conferencing, or PNVC, System for the U.S. Air Force.

PNVC is a secure, survivable voice conferencing capability for the president and senior leaders to assess threats to national security and help make decisions faster. The upgrades include improved voice quality, reduced latency, increased number of users, improved situational awareness and a new conference management capability.

“The enhancements for the PNVC system will help ensure our top leaders have secure connectivity to all key stakeholders in times of national crises to stay ahead of the threat in contested environments,” said Denis Donohue, president, Surveillance & Network Systems at RI&S. “We’ve employed digital engineering, more specifically, model-based systems engineering, as well as agile software development, to deliver systems faster and smarter.”

The demonstration successfully verified integrated PNVC component performance and functionality across PNVC nodes using ground fixed, ground transportable and airborne configurations, including Advanced Extremely High Frequency-Terminals. The improved protected communications capabilities support Nuclear Command, Control and Communications, a crucial capability toward realizing Joint All Domain Command and Control, a future command-and-control network that will connect the entire battlespace across every domain – sea, air, land, space and cyber.

The PNVC system will move to operational testing to accelerate transitioning this critical capability to our nation’s senior leaders.

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