Deterrence via faster decision-making

Raytheon BBN demonstrates AI software during NORAD exercise; helps give commanders an advantage in connected battlespace

Military commanders often have to make decisions with limited information. The information they do have is gathered from hundreds of platforms and intel sensors, which collect much more data than can be reasonably analyzed by humans quickly.

Raytheon BBN demonstrated a new decision-guiding tool for commanders during a recent multinational exercise led by U.S. Northern Command called Global Information Dominance Experiment 3, or GIDE 3. This battlefield decision support tool —Anytime Reasoning and Analysis for Kill-Web Negotiation and Instantiation across Domains, or ARAKNID for short —absorbs and analyzes the myriad of data gathered.

“The ARAKNID system, developed as part of the DARPA Adapting Cross-Domain Kill-Webs program, pushes the forefront of integrated deterrence by connecting real-world air domain sensors and creating, scoring, and visualizing multiple courses of action in real-time—faster than air battle managers can manually create a single course of action [COA],” said Michael Atighetchi, Raytheon BBN lead scientist and a Raytheon Technologies fellow.

During GIDE3, ARKANID demonstrated its adaptability and response to COA generation and scoring to the exercise participants.

Throughout the exercise, a variety of scenarios were tested, and ARAKNID scored and recommended multiple COAs that were assessed by commanders for operational relevance. COAs that were selected included assigning airborne fighter jets to engage multiple targets and scrambling additional jets via digital scramble commands, reducing the time it took to get fighter jets airborne and increasing the probability of a timely intercept.

The development of ARAKNID was sped up by the combination of artificial intelligence and DevSecOps, which has enabled the team to rapidly include feedback from warfighters and deploy updates through Platform One. Platform One is the U.S. Air Force’s enterprise engine for modern software development, designed to provide quick and iterative release cycles of mission critical software to advance programs like the Advanced Battle Management System, also known as ABMS, and in support of Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2.

According to Atighetchi, “The ARAKNID capability opens the door for cross-connecting sensors and actuators for multiple applications, including satellites, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and logistics.”