Raytheon Intelligence & Space to provide gunshot detection systems for Lithuanian Armed Forces vehicles

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., (Feb. 10, 2022) – Raytheon BBN will provide 34 Boomerang gunshot detection systems to equip and help protect the Lithuanian Armed Force’s fleet of next-generation combat vehicles.

  • Boomerang technology increases battlefield mission success, vehicle safety and warfighter survivability.
  • Networked-system increases situational awareness and command-and-control options.
  • Boomerang integrated with Android Team Awareness Kit.

“When friendly forces come under fire, Boomerang instantly pinpoints and announces the precise location of enemy shooters,” said Dominic Scola, Force Protection product line manager, Raytheon BBN. “Boomerang provides a bubble of protection around each vehicle. Enemy shooter locations can be transmitted to all friendly forces on the network and not just to the individuals receiving incoming fire. When integrated with a remote weapons system, Boomerang will automatically slew the weapon and orient it on the threat whenever a shot is detected.”

Under an Army Contracting Command award, Raytheon BBN will deliver the Boomerang systems to the Lithuanian Armed Forces in summer, 2022.

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