Raytheon Intelligence & Space collaborates with New England Money to offer financial institutions greater cybersecurity

DULLES, Va., (February 7, 2022) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space has entered an agreement with New England Money Handling Systems, a leading automated equipment provider for the financial sector, for the marketing and promotion of managed services provided by Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a leading cybersecurity provider.  The services will be available to both financial services and financial institution customers, and are designed to improve the security of these customers’ financial transactions.  

“Today’s staggering number of financial crimes and the ever-evolving cyberthreats the sector faces demand the best cybersecurity expertise to ensure the safest possible financial transactions,” said Jon Check, executive director, Cyber Protection Solutions for Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “Our relationship with New England Money will market this unique advantage to customers across the financial sector.” 

“We are pleased to enhance our service offerings to our customers in the form of more robust cybersecurity,” said Emo Monterastelli, senior vice president and chief operating officer of New England Money Holding Systems. “New England Money is committed to providing value and improving our services to financial institutions nationwide. Our engagement with Raytheon Intelligence & Space provides excellent options for our customers to help protect themselves and their clients.” 

The agreement encompasses a broad range of offerings, including a multi-dimensional security operations center, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and cybersecurity framework assessments. Through these managed security services, financial services companies and financial institutions have access to the same cyber solutions trusted by the federal government, with the ability to tailor those solutions to meet their unique cybersecurity needs. 

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