Raytheon Intelligence & Space successful demo of advanced software-defined radio

Delivering advanced processing technology to DARPA

GOLETA, Calif. (Nov. 18, 2021) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business, demonstrated the successful integration of Intel’s System-on-a-Chip into RI&S’ E-Alpha module.

A recognized industry leader in Joint-All Domain Command & Control, RI&S was selected by DARPA to design, integrate and demonstrate capabilities of Intel’s Direct RF FPGA technology, as part of the Electronics Resurgence Initiative: Defense Applications program.  This demonstration resulted in the first software-defined radio using Intel’s Direct RF FPGA technology embedded in RI&S’ module, the E-Alpha. The compact module features analog and digital components that directly digitize and synthesize radio-frequency signals.  Both are critical in establishing resilient communications in a joint, multi-domain battlespace.

“Imagine you’re standing in a sports stadium – a noisy and crowded environment,” said Aaron Maestas, chief engineer for Advanced Concepts & Technologies at RI&S. “With this demo, we’ve figured out how to clearly and distinctly hear a single whisper from across the field – a game-changer in that it guarantees secure communications for cluttered and contested battlespaces.”

A space and power saver, this module also improves response time while increasing functionality. With up to eight high-fidelity receive and transmit channels, each fully reprogrammable, E-Alpha eliminates complex and costly radio-frequency conversion, filtering and amplification.

E-Alpha can be inserted into a variety of size, weight and power-constrained Department of Defense and commercial applications needing advanced electromagnetic spectrum processing, such as USAF’s Advanced Battle Management System, US Army’s Project Convergence and USN’s Project Overmatch. Transition programs are already adopting the design with over a dozen near-term insertion opportunities in development.

The work and demonstration were conducted in Goleta, California.

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