Raytheon Intelligence & Space to mature missile warning design for Space Force

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., (May 27, 2021) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business (NYSE: RTX), was awarded a U.S. Space Force prototype agreement to mature the space-based Medium Earth orbit Track Custody Demonstration, or MTCD, program through mission payload Critical Design Review, or CDR.

“The ability to combat future threats that span from cruise and ballistic to fast-flying hypersonics requires a diverse, resilient missile warning/track custody architecture,” said Paul Meyer, vice president of Space & C2 Systems for RI&S. “And operating in Medium Earth Orbit is a critical layer in that architecture.”

MTCD transitioned from Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared GEO Block 1. The RI&S team completed a Block 1 study Mission Payload preliminary design review in September 2020, and will build on that design for the MTCD mission payload CDR.

The team is using digital engineering, both environment and tools, for the design’s modeling and simulation with the goal of driving a modern design and review process that is faster and more robust. Digital engineering and agile development helps give the Space Force design insight and access to models that can show the design delivers on performance against evolving mission requirements.

“With this approach, mission payload CDR can be fully digital in real-time with an authoritative set of engineering artifacts, where we can actually visualize how the system meets requirements, including cost and schedule,” said Meyer. “At that point, the digital CDR provides a fully informed, high-confidence launch point for the build phase.”

The base prototype agreement is 18-months-to-mission payload CDR. Future options include design, integration and launch of up to three prototype vehicles as well as integration into Space Force architecture and ground systems.

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