Raytheon Intelligence & Space awarded long-range precision targeting ground station contract

DULLES, Va., (January 15, 2021) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business (NYSE: RTX), was awarded a Phase 1, Project Agreement through an Other Transaction Agreement with Consortium Management Group, Inc. on behalf of the Consortium for Command, Control and Communications in Cyberspace for system design and software prototyping in support of the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node program under the U.S. Army. Under the contract, RI&S and the Army will invest in a DevSecOps approach to developing TITAN, a tactical ground station that finds and tracks threats to support long-range precision targeting.

“TITAN will help sharpen the frontline commander’s view of the future battlefield,” said David Appel, vice president of Defense & Civil Solutions for Space & C2 Systems at RI&S. “Until now, lower echelons didn’t have sensor feedback for accurate information or effectors that could actually impact the deep fight – distances greater than 200 miles.”

The ability to disperse enemies and seal them off in the deep fight gives the Army the advantage in close combat. Previously, it could take hours to get targeting quality accuracy for one image. In August 2020, the RI&S TITAN team demonstrated improved targeting quality accuracy for every pixel in an image, greatly reducing the time it takes data to get from the sensor to the shooter. This rapid and accurate delivery of information enables data-driven decisions across the battlespace.

“TITAN is the sensor-to-shooter connection that doesn’t exist today,” said Appel. “It will also provide better situational awareness and understanding at every echelon, helping to keep our servicemen and women safe.”

RI&S’ TITAN solution takes advantage of the application of DevSecOps and fully integrated machine learning capabilities. It’s open architecture and modular build enables the rapid integration of new applications and software from any service or vendor. The company combined its technology and mission-domain expertise with best-of-breed commercial technology from C3.ai, General Dynamics and Maxar Technologies.

Broken into four phases, the Army will issue an award for Phases 2-4 following the Phase 1 final demonstration. The follow-on phases include development and integration on tactical vehicles.

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