Raytheon Intelligence & Space to deliver new submarine communications system

Business will deliver 23 new High-Data Rate systems to provide submarines with high capacity communications

ARLINGTON, Va., (January 11, 2021) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business (NYSE: RTX), was awarded a $90,000,000 contract by the U.S. Navy for 23 Submarine High-Data Rate antenna systems. Contracted in 2020, the work is expected to be completed on the new antennas by January 2024.

The SubHDR system is used to provide submarines with high-capacity communications. The system vastly improves a submarine’s mission capability and the quality of life for sailors by affording them high-data rate communications with the world outside of the sub without sacrificing the submarine’s stealth.

“Connecting people securely is essential to the success of any operation,” said Denis Donohue, vice president, Communications and Airspace Modernization Systems for Raytheon Intelligence & Space. “The SubHDR system provides secure connectivity for submarines that supports mission-critical information delivery to the right people at the right time.”

SubHDR links submariners to the Global Broadcast Service, the Milstar satellite constellation and the Defense Satellite Communications System, via a unique mast antenna that connects them to the above-sea world.

The SubHDR System gives submarines high-data rate, multi-band SATCOM capability. Operating via military satellites, SubHDR enables underwater forces to be full participants in coordinated fleet battle group and joint task force network centric operations. The mast-mounted SATCOM system transmits secure wideband multimedia, secure and non-secure internet access, voice and data traffic, imagery and video teleconferencing.

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