Raytheon UK to fund new research project with University of Strathclyde

LONDON (December 14, 2020) ‐ Raytheon UK will fund a six month project with the University of Strathclyde to push Model-Based Design capability closer to product implementation as part of its Small-to medium-sized enterprise Partnerships Advancing Raytheon UK knowledge, or SpaRk, initiative. The collaboration with University of Strathclyde will develop the next generation of MBD tools to shorten the design process through robust and tangible evidence. With real-time simulation and testing, projects will be more predictable and development costs for new specification power convertors and GPS anti-jam products will be reduced as risks are mitigated far earlier in the process.

“Model-based design is a mathematical and visual method of addressing complex design challenges, which can be used to model the aerodynamics of an aircraft or the fuel load required to launch a rocket to Mars,” said Alex Rose-Parfitt, engineering director at Raytheon UK. “This can be done so much faster with the use of MBD in the innovation process ─ it continues to transform the way our engineers design the complex controls for next-generation power converters for armoured vehicles, radars and aircraft at our manufacturing site in Glenrothes, Scotland.”

Now in its seventh year, SpaRk supports innovative technology ideas from small and medium-sized enterprises, known as SMEs, and academic institutions. “At Strathclyde we have extensive experience working on projects with key industry partners, and this work with Raytheon UK on Model-Based Design will allow us to bring our extensive FPGA and MBD experience to this SpaRk project,” said Bob Stewart, professor of Signal Processing at University of Strathclyde. “We have a 20-year history working with Xilinx FPGA devices and the latest strategies for model-based design - our team looks forward to working with Raytheon UK.” Since 2015, Raytheon UK has invested more than £1.5 million in SMEs and universities to further research and development projects across the country.

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