Raytheon Intelligence & Space awarded Phase 2 contract under DARPA’s ACK program

Planning software enables Mosaic Warfare vision

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., (November 17, 2020) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business (NYSE: RTX), has been awarded a $4 million Phase 2 contract under the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s Adapting Cross-Domain Kill-Webs, or ACK, program after a successful Phase 1 demonstration. 

Under ACK Phase 1, Raytheon BBN Technologies and team members developed and demonstrated software to further DARPA’s vision of Mosaic Warfare, Joint All Domain Command and Control, and Advanced Battle Management. BBN’s Anytime Reasoning and Analysis for Kill-Web Negotiation and Instantiation across Domains, or ARAKNID, project created software that can respond to dynamic “pop-up” events, identify assets and resources across multiple domains – air, space, cyber, land and maritime – that can respond to the events, construct courses of action in near real time, and provide ranked courses of action to commanders with recommendations.

In ACK Phase 2, the Raytheon BBN Technologies team will expand and mature the ARAKNID capabilities to scale up to larger numbers of simultaneous events, assets, and domains; increase performance; add explanations of rankings and course-of-action selections; and commander-oriented user interfaces.

“Raytheon BBN is helping DARPA develop a Mosaic Warfare strategy to provide fast, scalable, adaptive joint multi-domain responses,” said Brad Tousley, president of Raytheon BBN Technologies. “We’ve already demonstrated the ability to analyze thousands of options and make ranked recommendations. In Phase 2, we’ll grow that capability to include even more complex scenarios and more diverse assets, and we’ll provide explanations for the system’s recommendations to commanders.”

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