Raytheon Intelligence & Space Awarded Exportable Combat Training Capability Bridge Contract

$36.5 million, 1-year contract for repair, maintenance, and support for rotational battalion and platoon level training exercises

ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 26, 2020) – Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business (NYSE: RTX), was awarded a $36.5 million, one-year contract to provide combat training services with fully instrumented training events to meet the U.S. Army National Guard’s training goals in the sustainable readiness cycle.

“We are absolutely committed when it comes to both training troops and maintaining mission continuity for our Army National Guard customer,” said John DeSimone, vice president of the Cyber, Training and Services for RI&S. “The work being carried out by our troops is perennial, and the mission doesn’t stand still.”

The new contract serves as a one-year bridge established by the Army Contract Command for repair, maintenance, and subsequent support for ARNG rotational battalion and platoon-level training exercises. The contract provides continuity in program management and planning for exercise support cell, instrumentation and communication, range operations, sustainment support, observer controller/trainers, and opposing force services for the Army National Guard training events.

“Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s management of training and logistics deliverables ensures continued readiness of the Army National Guard mission,” said Bob Williams, RI&S vice president of Global Training and Logistics. “Force readiness is maintained through rotational exercises on a regular basis. We will help the Guard maintain its readiness to perform unified land operations and respond domestically in times of need.”

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