cyber network switches waits to be installed by the 455th Expeditionary Communications Squadron

Securing systems against cyberattacks

Countervail, and other zero-trust technologies developed by Raytheon Intelligence & Space, increase resiliency against cyber attacks in remote locations by ensuring systems work as intended and blocking untrusted code from running on a system.

A Raytheon Intelligence & Space employee stops at a temperature screening checkpoint

A thermometer like no other

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is supplying Seek Thermal with uncooled thermal sensors for a temperature screening system, which is intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

TITAN will put data closer to the battefield helping commanders make decisions faster.

AI assists with better battlefield intel

The Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node, or TITAN, could give frontline forces, as well as headquarter commanders, a resilient tactical ground station capable of rapidly sifting through massive amounts of incoming sensor data to find and track potential threats.

F-22 Raptor in Clouds above Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Laser comms that cuts through clouds

Raytheon Intelligence & Space has developed a new free-space optical communications receiver that plows through atmospheric distortions that sometimes disrupt the data.

FoxTEN in the field

FoXTEN fuses intel on the frontlines

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is offering the U.S. Army an intelligence system that combines cloud computing, commercial technology, and artificial intelligence with an easy-to-use and reliable interface. It’s called Force Multiplier Tactical Edge Node, or FoXTEN.

LANDSAT-7 Images of seaweed and sand of The Bahamas

ATLIS shrunk

The ATLIS prototype will serve as a pathfinder for the future of one of NASA’s most enduring missions – land imaging. Since the 1970s, NASA’s LandSat program has cataloged the Earth’s ever-changing landscape from its morning orbit perch. But today, program managers are looking for ways to get more capability on orbit at a lower cost.

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