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Introduction to the EAGLE Logistics Product Data

This course introduces students to the Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment Logistic Product Data solution. It includes the fundamentals of Integrated Logistics Support and Logistic Support Analysis. The EAGLE client is used in a workshop setting to develop logistics data and produce sample output reports and files. The training can focus on the logistics product data standard of choice; MIL-STD-1388-2B, DEF STAN 00-60 or GEIA-STD-0007.

Introduction to EAGLE Publishing System

This course instructs students in how to use the EAGLE Publishing System to create valid technical data. The training can focus on the technical data standard of choice ASD S1000D or MIL-STD-40051-1. The topics included in the core training are: ASD S1000D, structured XML authoring, creating projects, creating and validating data, workflow and roles, exporting data and publishing. If required, the training can include exercises in the use of EAGLE LSAR data to automatically generate procedural and Illustrated Parts Data Modules. The course concludes with a high-intensity collaborative workshop that consolidates the learning and provides a roadmap for production projects.

Follow-on consulting is offered and recommended. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors can provide detailed advice and assistance to programs to establish production projects. This can give projects a head start and avoid the need re-work data later on.

EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System

The purpose of this training course is to familiarize the student with how the Maintenance Management Information System is used to capture and utilize contractual data requirements in the depot repair process. Topics include Engineering Change Proposals, Lessons Learned, AsBuilt/AsMaintained Configuration Management, Inventory Management, Contracts, Document Management, Failure Reporting and Corrective Action, and Traveler/Workflow Management. These are all common functions in both Contract Logistics Support and Performance-Based Logistics contracts used in the aerospace and defense industry and are vital components in process improvement, quality, and superior system readiness. This course also provides an overview on how the Logistics Support Analysis Control Number is used in EAGLE to model a hierarchical parts breakdown and how that breakdown is used in MMIS in the context of FRACAS and AsBuilt configuration management.

Advanced Training and Consulting Services

In addition to the core training courses offered, the Raytheon EAGLE team is comprised of software developers, specialists and engineers who have many years of experience on a bewildering range of programs.

If you have a need for a tailored or advanced class or perhaps want to take advantage of expert consulting services to save time, effort and costs in getting a project off the ground, we are in a position to offer this on request.

Training Locations

Typically training events are held in person at the customer site using the EAGLE database and client applications owned by the customer.

Students are also invited to attend training events in the EAGLE training facilities in Tucson, Arizona.

During times of restricted travel virtual training can be delivered via video meetings.

Class Size

From our experience, our maximum in person class size is restricted to a maximum of 10 students.

Virtual training classes are restricted to a maximum class size of five students to make sure that students can get individual attention.

In person classes are scheduled to last a working week. Virtual classes are delivered over a total of 20 hours.

Other Services

We also provide other services to assist you with your success, such as Custom Engineering, System Integration, Hosting, and Network Services. Our engineering team has assisted with legacy data conversions, system administration services, and tailored product support solutions.

If you need assistance with technical authoring, Raytheon Intelligence & Space has a broad network of business partners that we can work with to suit your needs.

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