EAGLE Vision


EAGLE Vision is an IETM viewer, similar to the EPS Previewer, which is able to display hyperlinks to other objects such as paragraphs, steps, graphics, tables or even other data module content. However, unlike the EPS Previewer, EAGLE Vision has been created as a web-based application to be more portable, now you will no longer need to have EPS installed to view publications. Once EAGLE Vision is set up on a web server and linked with the licensed builder, you will be able to use any laptop, tablet or smartphone, with access to the remote server, to view IETMs that have been deployed by the builder application.

This viewer has been developed to support any data module type currently supported by the EPS Previewer. This means that graphic formats such as CGM and SVG are supported without any third-party plugins. Linking and viewing hotspots are also supported with the EAGLE Vision graphics viewer.

EAGLE vision allows IETMs to be downloaded for offline viewing.

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