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Our strength as a company lies within the talents of our people.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space is 37,000 employees working in more than 500 U.S. locations and 40+ countries. Check out some of our larger locations to learn more about the work environment. 

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A career at Raytheon Intelligence & Space means surrounding yourself with the most advanced technologies and the most inspiring colleagues. This is more than just a place to work. But don’t take our word for it – read what our current employees have to say - and then apply today to join our team.

Why I work for Raytheon Intelligence & Space

Donna K.

Cross Mission Area Systems Engineering Lead, Operations Analysis

When I think about why I still work here after 20 years, there are three reasons that come to mind — the people, the technology and our customers. I love the people I work with. They challenge me to do my best, take risks and tackle hard problems, and stand behind me and help me overcome obstacles when things don’t work out. There is a culture of trust, respect and collaboration that I really value. Second, Raytheon Technologies develops some of the most innovative technologies around. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many projects and experienced exposure to so many different technologies. I always have the opportunity to learn something new. And finally, our customers. I work in the Operational Analysis organization, where we identify capability gaps and assess the mission impact of the systems we develop. We use modeling and simulation to understand the operational benefit of those innovative technologies in a mission context. In this job, I have a real appreciation for the importance of the work Raytheon Technologies does and the value we bring to the service member.

Marisela Q.

Field Engineering Manager

As a military spouse, being able to work with Raytheon Technologies has allowed me to also feel that I am making my contribution to my country. Raytheon Technologies encourages me to showcase my unique abilities and is open to the diverse background and knowledge that I bring to my work.

I have passion for my job because I see the passion that others around me have regarding doing the right thing. I enjoy the development conversations that I have with my teams and the dialogue that we have when we have a difference in opinion. That transparency and honesty allows us to maneuver through any challenges we face.

Dawn T.

Department Manager, EO Products and Manufacturing

I am daily inspired by the remarkable innovations and technical and business talent that we have at RI&S. Collectively we bring amazing sensor solutions to life and into the hands of our military end users. The knowledge that I am a part of an outstanding and diverse team of talented engineers and business partners keeps me engaged and visualizing the overcoming possibilities even in the most challenging circumstances. With several decades under my belt in the defense industry, I still see RI&S as the place to be, to grow and to thrive as an electrical engineer, senior engineering manager and performance leader!

Hector I.

Engineering Fellow

I work for Raytheon Technologies because our customers bring us science-fiction-story-worthy challenges. I don’t think any of my friends can say they work on anything more exciting. On the days I’m running out of gas, I can always remember that we are supporting a mission bigger than ourselves. And Raytheon Technologies truly values and rewards innovation. We bring engineers from multiple disciplines together to work on problems and come up with solutions for our customers.

Michelle M.

Senior Principal Systems Engineer

Knowing how Raytheon Technologies’ products directly impact people’s lives drew me in and I was hooked. I’ve been able to be a part of programs right from the start and tour customer facilities to see firsthand why service members needed our product and why it is important they work the first time. Every day I get to work on the cutting-edge products that push the technological boundaries with an amazing team. Our team feels more like a community or a work family — we support and appreciate each and everyone’s individuality. Raytheon Technologies’ diverse community and inclusive culture enables everyone to bring their individual selves to work.

Amanda B.

Senior Cyber Engineer

I work for Raytheon Intelligence & Space because I love the opportunity to tackle difficult technical problems whose solutions make a difference around the world. The varied nature of these problems and the wide array of domains they cover challenges me to learn new skills and think outside the box.

Being surrounded by so many creative and talented engineers across the organization motivates and empowers me. Whether supporting critical missions using software engineering, participating in customer engagements with business development or pushing the state of the art in research and development, there are so many opportunities to grow and excel. I am grateful to come to work every day and make a difference while still getting to do what I love.

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