Space Solutions


Space Solutions

From missile warning and intelligence to weather, navigation and beyond, Raytheon Intelligence & Space's end-to-end space solutions deliver mission breakthroughs. Our ability to create and enhance space systems that incorporate transformative, next-generation technologies keeps our customers ahead of the threat. And by integrating commercial and open-source tech into our solutions, we’re making the space domain more accessible – and affordable – than ever.

Constellation Management Satellites

Constellation Management

Raytheon Intelligence & Space helps our satellite customers get the most value possible from their orbiting assets through a command-and-control system that works on any platform, with any sensor from any vendor and on any orbit. And, through modern software approaches and Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, we’re able to do it faster than ever.

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Missile warning - contrail

Missile Warning and Defense

Countering new and emerging threats requires the earliest possible notification. We connect vision with precision across the entire spectrum of missile warning and defense missions.

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Space-Based Early Warning

Our space-based sensors give commanders vital information from different orbits to quickly execute missile warning and defense missions.

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Raytheon Intelligence & Space is working with the U.S. Air Force on a prototype system to manage massive amounts of satellite data.

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Designed to operate in low Earth orbit, Blackjack will network multiple sensors together.

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Weather patterns

Earth Observation

Our space-based active and passive sensing technologies are at the cutting edge of data collection for Earth observation.

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VIIRS is a key instrument in the Joint Polar Satellite System, the nation's next generation polar-orbiting operational environmental satellite system.

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Joint Polar Satellite System Common Ground System

The JPSS CGS is a flexible, cost-effective global system designed to support current and future weather and environmental sensing satellite missions.

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A NASA big data system, developed and maintained by Raytheon Intelligence & Space, helps scientists forecast the potential impact of climate change.

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Blackjack - satellite in orbit

Blue Canyon Technologies

Blue Canyon Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raytheon Technologies, is a leading provider of small satellites and spacecraft systems components.

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GPS OCX satellite in orbit


The GPS Next-Generation Operational Control System improves the accuracy and availability of the GPS navigation signals, protecting them against cyber threats.

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Earth from space, cyber overlay

Cyber Hardening

We integrate our industry-leading cyber defense into all of our space capabilities. Our GPS OCX has the highest level of cybersecurity protections of any DoD space system.

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