Transportation, Technology and Tolling

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We’re leveraging our market-leading expertise in sensors, communications, and command and control technologies to modernize transportation and tolling.

From new construction to upgrading existing systems, we partner with our worldwide clientele to develop transportation, technology and tolling solutions that minimize cost and risk while maximizing customer experience, revenue, ease of use, and overall performance.

We tailor vehicle-tracking technology to meet the specific needs of motorists, concessionaires and public agencies. Our strength in design, system engineering, system test, and program management result in high-value, low-risk solutions for the most challenging highway transportation projects.

Our Transportation, Technology and Tolling solutions include

Open Road All Electronic Toll Systems

Turn-key open-road technology and tolling solutions that seamlessly integrate with tolling and intelligent traffic management systems.

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Advanced Technologies

The latest generation cameras and illuminators, RFID sensors, cloud-based operation centers, big data analytics, block chain, mobile tolling, AI/ML, and related technologies.

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Urban Congestion Zones

Discriminating technology solutions that enables cordon-based tolling with a small roadside footprint.

Next Generation Transportation

Connected vehicles and infrastructure, basic safety message, railcar management, and Intelligent Transportation Systems such as vehicle traffic density monitoring. Infrastructure for Advanced Air Mobility and how to toll new aircraft types as they traverse over our highways and cities.

High Occupancy Toll Lanes

To help manage congestion on highways, HOT/Express lane systems, reversible lanes, flexible and adaptive Dynamic Pricing System to manage real-time traffic demands matching lane capacity.

Transportation Security

Integrates commercial off-the-shelf tech sensors and solutions for highway, urban area or critical infrastructure protection.







ODIN offers a single technology congestion-management solution powered by advanced sensors, artificial intelligence / machine learning and our proven cybersecurity expertise.

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