Synthetic Training Environment

Synthetic Training Environment heads up display

We're developing new virtual training environments that will allow armed forces to train on any weapon or system from anywhere in the world.

The U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE) team is developing a single environment that will allow soldiers­­ to train together from anywhere in the world. Raytheon Intelligence & Space' proposed STE solution blends new and emerging technologies – augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and big data – to connect soldiers and allow them to train like never before.

Our solution is among several the U.S. Army is considering to help launch STE.

Our STE Approach


Raytheon Technologies' STE approach will completely shift the paradigm of virtual training for individual soldiers. The current "boxy" simulators – which fill huge rooms with screens, sensors and projectors – will be replaced by laptop-powered virtual reality headsets soldiers can use to train anywhere, at any time. And because STE is cloud-enabled, the system is accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed.


While Raytheon Technologies' STE solution has a small form factor, it delivers big on realism and performance. It offers 4K ultra-high-definition image fidelity, allowing soldiers to train in the highly detailed, immersive environments needed for realistic training and mission rehearsals.

Rapid Scalability

In the larger enterprise, Raytheon Technologies' STE solution uses our extensive experience with artificial intelligence, big data and cybersecurity to connect systems and gain insights. Our cutting-edge technologies will help STE provide automated and semi-automated forces that scale from individual engagements to nation-scale training events, and rapidly generate training scenarios that require forces to adapt in real time to ensure soldiers meet training objectives.

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