NexGenTrac pulse request on smartphone

Protect your assets

NexGenTrac is an easy-to-use app, functioning on off-the-shelf commercial mobile devices. It provides critical mission functions for secure communications, emergency signaling, and team situational awareness. The application is hosted in an operationally proven, controlled and secure infrastructure.

NexGenTrac is a mobile security, communications, accountability and awareness application for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets available as a subscription service.

    Product features

    Emergency Alert

    Allows users to initiate an emergency alert that is received by the secure back-end server and administrators, as well as other mobile users if desired.


    Initiates a request for safety status through the back-end server by administrators that is received by specific application users in the same team or geographic area. When the Pulse request is received, users are prompted with two preconfigured reply options to indicate they either do or do not require immediate assistance. Personnel safety status and accountability are displayed on the back-end severs when users respond.


    Gives back-end server administrators the ability to send a request for updated device location.

    Map Interface

    Mapping software allows users to visualize their location, as well as linked teammates or colleagues.

    Current Geo-coordinate

    Gives users the ability to identify their location, in coordinates, that can be shared with mission-critical team members.


    Provides a built-in secure communications portal.

    Smart Beaconing

    Allows users to conserve power by updating location information based on movement of the device.







    Smartphone access

    NexGenTrac is available as a subscription service.

    *The NGT app allows our customers to interact with our back-end command and control server using their iOS or Android smartphone. In order to access and interact with the back-end server, they must have an active account – that account is based on an annual subscription.  If they have an active back-end account, we will provide them with a code to be entered at the time they download the app.  If someone downloads NGT, but does not have an active account, they are directed to visit the product webpage and can request more information – they will not be able to access the back-end or use NGT for anything without the download code described above.

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