Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution

MARS Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution

Cutting edge versatility with MARS

The Multi-platform Automation Re-hosting Solution, known as MARS, is a cutting-edge, versatile workstation. Few professions demand as much multitasking as air traffic control, where controllers monitor multiple data streams and work as many as eight pieces of technology simultaneously. Retired air traffic controllers worked with Raytheon Intelligence & Space to design a workstation that enhances user productivity and efficiency.

MARS consolidates up to eight applications onto commercial-off-the-shelf monitors and input devices, reducing physical clutter. A user no longer has to look at eight different monitors, and use eight different keyboards and trackballs to perform their duties.

MARS leverages touch technologies to employ intuitive motions from smartphone and tablet applications to minimize retraining. MARS supports both touch enabled and non-touch enabled applications on the same monitor, ultimately, offering a customized solution for each individual end-user.

Open architecture to optimize workstations

MARS has an open architecture, configurable to optimize existing workstation usage without impacting current operational requirements. MARS is host application, monitor, and input device (keyboard and mouse) agnostic and configurable for the requirements of a specific system. Users can customize their layout without the hassle of unnecessary architecture changes and minimal downtime. MARS provides a non-intrusive solution requiring no software installations on existing applications.

MARS reduces the variances in systems without eliminating access to specialty equipment and streamlines the acquisition and maintenance process resulting in cost savings. No need to fund, design, produce, test, field, and warehouse separate physical monitors and input devices for each new program in an existing system.

MARS technology is not restricted to ATC systems and can streamline and enhance any system that uses multiple system inputs such as air traffic management, military command and control centers, public safety centers and security operation centers.

Air Traffic Control

For ATC, MARS consolidates flight, surveillance, weather and other ATC data from multiple ATC applications. For ATC, MARS enhances safety by providing controllers with the tools they need to avoid diverting their eyes from the glass in front of them so that they can focus on the work right in front of them.


For the military, MARS can consolidate applications utilized in a military command and control center. MARS offers streamlined and efficient military command and control workstations utilizing new technology without impact to the essential resources that solve problems and accomplish missions.

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