Laser Solutions

Stryker MMHEL render

Raytheon Intelligence & Space's laser solutions are a set of technologies that use photons, or particles of light, to carry out military missions. They measure distance, designate targets and can defeat a wide range of threats, including unmanned aerial systems.

High-energy output in a compact design

Lasers have two main advantages: They are precise, and, with an adequate power source, they have "infinite magazine depth" - a virtually unlimited supply of ammunition.

Laser weapon systems work on land, in the air and at sea, providing 360-degree coverage in a rugged package that can scale to the demands of the mission. Their open architecture means they can be installed immediately on a variety of military platforms. They have already been tested on small Army vehicles and the Apache attack helicopter.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space's high-energy weapons also feature:

  • High survivability
  • Efficient heat removal and thermal management
  • Modular, low-maintenance design
  • Automated queuing from the full spectrum of electro-optical/infrared sensors
  • Reliability through proven manufacturing experience

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