GPS Antennas and Receivers

lab work on anti-jam system

Raytheon Intelligence & Space has more than 40 years of experience outfitting military air, land, sea and weapons platforms with advanced GPS antenna and receiver technology – ensuring mission success in all environments.

Our family of receivers and antennas extend GPS capabilities by enhancing control over time and leveraging position and navigation in innovative ways.

Products and Capabilities

Miniature Airborne GPS Receiver 2000 – MAGR2K

The MAGR2K brings M-Code GPS capability to maritime and avionics platforms, including the F/A-18, MV-22, CV-22 and MH-53E. The MAGR2K enhances GPS acquisition and performance and provides all-in-view GPS satellite tracking and GPS integrity. The open architecture and modular design allows for easy upgrades. We’ve delivered over 3,000 units to 20 different platforms to the U.S. Air Force, Navy and international partners.

Hammer Spear

Outfitted on Raytheon Missiles & Defense’s Stormbreaker® Smart Weapon, the Hammer Spear is an M-Code GPS receiver with leading anti-jam protection. Hammer Spear is a miniaturized and low-cost GPS receiver solution capable of supporting multiple weapons platforms. The high-precision positioning capabilities ensure weapons hit intended targets every time, no matter the environment.


A next-generation digital anti-jam protection system, Landshield® houses a multi-element antenna and anti-jam processing in a single, small "one-box" solution that interfaces at the radio-frequency level to the GPS receiver. Landshield interfaces with GPS receivers or those integrated within communication, inertial navigation, sighting, vehicle or weapon-aiming systems. Available in two variants, a four-element or seven-element configuration, Landshield works against a full range of hostile jammers. Landshield is produced in cooperation with Raytheon UK.


Able to stand alone or be integrated into a GPS receiver, our anti-jam technology secures GPS signals in dense electromagnetic environments and additionally rejects spoofed GPS signals. It is suitable for commercial, Y-Code, M-Code and alternative navigation products. Anti-jam capabilities are flexible in size, range and performance, allowing them to be optimized for any system, including weapons, avionics and ground systems.

Alternative Navigation and Signal of Opportunity

RI&S offers a range of alternative signal solutions to enable reliable navigation in highly contested and GPS-denied environments. We use machine-learning advancements and enhanced algorithms to tighten up GPS signals.

Time Transfer and Enhanced Missions

Our networked system-of-systems approach improves sensor-to-shooter capacity. We employ advanced methods that rely on precise time to help warfighters control the battle and successfully complete their missions.







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