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For more than 160 years, Raytheon ELCAN has been delivering high‐precision optical systems for the most demanding challenges in the world. Across mission, industries and continents, we leverage the depth and breadth of our expertise to drive new standards of quality, innovation and performance.

At Raytheon ELCAN, we think differently to help customers see better and further across any domain and against any challenge.

Cross-market Experience

Raytheon ELCAN provides vertically integrated, custom opto-electronic/opto-mechanical sub-assemblies across the spectrum. The company delivers breakthrough technologies at an accelerated pace for commercial, civil and military customers.

Having all the capabilities required to turn glass and metal into high precision optical assemblies, known as vertical integration, is part of the competitive advantage Raytheon ELCAN offers to customers to push the boundaries and exceed customer mission requirements.


Optical sub-systems for airborne platforms have demanding tolerances. These assemblies must be able to survive and perform within performance specifications after experiencing large temperature and pressure swings, particle bombardment, intense vibration and shock.

Raytheon ELCAN helps customers solve complex challenges with:

  • Head up displays
  • Cockpit camera lenses
  • Laser designators
  • Countermeasures
  • Multi-modal seekers
  • Passive airborne warning systems
  • Thermal imagers
  • LiDAR
  • FLIR systems
  • Target acquisition systems
  • Cockpit and flight simulator Projectors


Land-based vehicles and sub-systems operate in tough, high-shock environments. Optical sub-systems have to see through little or no light, sand, fog and rain and perform under hostile conditions with high accuracy and range repeatability.

Raytheon ELCAN designs, manufactures and tests rugged, reliable opto-electronic/opto-mechanical systems to survive the harshest environments.


  • Thermal imagers
  • High precision LiDAR assemblies
  • Focusing optics
  • Dome assemblies
  • Laser rangefinder optical subassemblies
  • Long-range imaging systems
  • Infrared, visible and laser imagers/telescopes


Man-portable platforms present a unique set of requirements for optical sub-assemblies and systems. These platforms must be rugged, reliable and highly accurate in lightweight, compact packages.

  • ELCAN Specter® Sights is our only branded product. These sights are rugged, reliable optical weapon sights designed for extreme environments that have been chosen by elite allied forces around the globe.
  • Thermal weapon sights
  • Portable launch unit assemblies


Reducing size, weight, power consumption and cost (SWaP-C) without sacrificing performance is the ultimate objective for the design and manufacture of opto-electronic/opto-mechanical sub-systems for space. This includes high surface-finish mirrors and telescopes, laser and infrared crosslinks and high precision imaging systems.

  • Earth observation systems
  • Telescopes
  • High surface-finish mirrors
  • Laser and infrared crosslinks

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