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Advanced development and testing solution

Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s DejaVM enables complex systems of systems to be virtualized to support large-scale automated cyber testing, allowing system owners to efficiently identify and resolve vulnerabilities during the development cycle.

Revolutionary testing using a virtual development environment

In today’s networked environment, mission-critical systems are increasingly exposed to cyber threats. The challenge is how to test these systems to ensure they’re capable of combating modern cyberattacks.

DejaVM uses virtualization of testing environments to assess and reduce cyber risk in a networked environment. It provides a whole-system emulation environment built from the ground up to provide precise insight into the inner workings of your software platform.

Over the past decade, DejaVM has proven to support high-volume scalable fuzz testing, an automated testing technique that discovers coding errors and security loopholes in software. In action, DejaVM emulates systems at scale, applies specific customized test cases, and provides reports to the user. This process has enabled the running of tens of billions of security test cases per year on a moderate-sized server infrastructure.

    Key capabilities


    DejaVM offers a robust whole-system hardware emulation environment with built in software analysis and test capability. DejaVM supports popular architectures and Operating Systems to include: x86, ARM, PPC, MIPS, Windows, Linux, VxWorks.

    Advanced Debugging

    DejaVM offers a fully integrated system-level debugger for user mode as well as kernel-level code. It offers advanced introspection capabilities to include continuous rewind, snapshot, deterministic replay and flexible system tracing.


    DejaVM enables complex systems to be virtualized supporting large-scale automated cyber testing.

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