Data-Driven Mission Readiness

Infantry dismount from M2 Bradley (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Jeremiah Woods)

Using data to predict maintenance needs and to support operational readiness.

Data-Driven Mission Readiness relies on environmental, operational tempo and mission information to determine maintenance needs. This data-driven logistics toolset uses machine learning to evolve and adapt to changing conditions. DDMR uses historical baselines and current data trends to provide customers with holistic predictive capabilities – enabling them to improve their mission readiness.

Mission Readiness

Helping customers achieve DoD mandated readiness levels by directing maintenance based on the whole health of the specific vehicle.

Cost Reduction

Reducing costs by alerting maintenance teams when a part will need to be repaired rather than waiting for it to break – avoiding unnecessary breakdowns.

Enhanced Productivity

Knowing what and when a part or system is going to need repair helps optimize maintenance team resources.

Supply Chain Optimization

DDMR ensures maintenance teams know what will be repaired and when – ensuring efficient parts purchasing and eliminating the need for mass storage facilities.





DDMR maintenance silhouette