Data Orchestration and Resiliency

An abstract picture of the earth with a grid overlayed and locks to depict data security.

Implementing a Zero Trust Framework

The attacks are inevitable; how your system responds is what will determine the outcome. Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s Data Orchestration and Resiliency solutions combine a heritage of mission partnership with advanced technology to ensure persistence and instill confidence and trust in your mission, from the tactical edge to enterprise command.

We offer integrated "system of systems" and component protection that minimizes risks from cyber threats while keeping critical enterprise systems operational. Our unique command and control approach to data protection and resiliency implements a zero trust framework to solve the data protection challenges our partners face.

Raytheon Intelligence & Space’s data resiliency solutions focus on securing data wherever it may exist, from endpoint to enterprise — all while preventing, correcting and adapting to adverse conditions, stresses, attacks or compromises. We are redefining security by looking at missions and enterprise systems as a whole, then building security controls around data and critical components to deploy a zero trust approach across the environment.

Cyber Resiliency Portfolio

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