Windshear Counter UAS


When you need to defend against drones, one size does not fit all.

A wide range of unmanned aircraft systems have come of age, from cheap but capable quadcopters to sophisticated combat drones. That has left civilian air traffic controllers, public safety officials, front-line military commanders and others looking for new and specialized technologies to detect, track and respond to the threat.

The answer to rogue drones can range from simply knowing they're there to carry out a complex counter-attack with lasers, radio waves, small drones and missiles. Our portfolio of sensors and effectors, networked into a command-and-control system, covers the complete counter-UAS mission. 

Ku-Band AESA radar


Searching the sky for a rogue drone makes finding a needle in a haystack seem simple. Raytheon Technologies' mix of advanced sensors puts eyes on target, delivering intelligence and precision guidance.

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KuRFS and Ku720 radars

Provide search, track and precision fire control using Ku-Band AESA radar.

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Multi-spectral targeting system

Offers electro-optical/infrared, laser designation and laser illumination integrated into a single sensor package.

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Windshear console

Command and Control

Managing multiple sensors and effectors in the field requires a system that ties everything together. Our flexible, open architecture command-and control-system combines sensors with jamming and cyber effects to take down drones.

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Integrates key sensors and effectors with a suite of radio frequency jamming and cyber tools to safely stop or land drones.

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High Energy Laser platform


There's more than one way to down a drone. From hard kills to cyber takeovers, Raytheon Technologies delivers effects tailored to the environment and the threat.

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High-energy lasers

Delivers an affordable, precise and invisible beam of light to rapidly defeat drones.

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Coyote UAS

Uses an advanced seeker and warhead to down drones with a drone.

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Stinger weapon system

Offers a missile with a proximity fuse to destroy drones with a direct hit or nearby detonation.

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