Common Open Secure Mission Computing

Raytheon Intelligence & Space has developed a platform-agnostic mission computer that can be used on any aircraft, fixed wing, rotary, unmanned, or wide-body wing. It’s called Common Open Secure Mission Computer, or COSMC.

We developed COSMC using digital engineering – more specifically model-based engineering. Our engineering team started with customer requirements to help build a model for COSMC. The model enables teams to quickly adapt to changing customer needs, effectively assess system impacts and build in cybersecurity from the ground up. The model has created numerous efficiencies, turning what could be a three-month cycle into two weeks.

By using digital engineering, our COSMC team can create, design and field the system more rapidly to ensure users are not stuck in the lengthy development cycle. It also means that cybersecurity, cyber resilience and export security are embedded from the beginning rather than being bolted on at the end.

Platform Agnostic

Our embedded computing solution allows for reuse across multiple platforms and weapon systems eliminating expensive one-off products.

Baked-in Security

COSMC integrates Cyber and Supply Chain Risk Management capabilities tailored to customer needs so the product can be trusted to perform the mission.

Open Computing Environment

Scalable solution enables rapid capability development, insertion, and fielding to meet new and evolving operational needs.

Multi-Level Secure

Supports cross domain, multi-level security enclaves to allow hosting multiple data in a single computing platform.

100% COTS

Compliant to hardware and software open standards, COSMC is commercial-off-the-shelf, vendor agnostic, and reconfigurable to meet current and future requirements.

Embedded Processor

Through model-based engineering, COSMC accounts for the total life-cycle cost to minimize development, production and sustainment costs.


COSMC can support multi-video display, general purpose, and multi-sensor processing for real-time data fusion and AI/ML applications.

Export Enabled

Pre-integrated with COTS-based export capabilities from the ground up to support growing global markets.








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