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Intrusion Detection System for the 1553 Bus

Raytheon Technologies’ CADS solution is a cyber anomaly detection system that provides commercial and military vehicle operators the capability to proactively identify, isolate, and address cyber threats before they impact mission-critical systems.

Protect your Platform

As mission-critical systems become more open and connected, they become more vulnerable to cyber threats.

Potential threat vectors for modern airframes, ground vehicles, satellites and weapons systems include over-the-air cyber-attacks, compromised components delivered via the supply chain, or infections transferred from compromised maintenance equipment. Any one of these attacks could lead to a direct threat to the platform in the form of denial of service, access to avionics components, equipment failure or potential for equipment to send deliberately incorrect information.  

CADS increases the cyber resiliency of mission-critical platforms by monitoring internal communications and logging alerts for anomalous behavior/potential cyberattacks. CADS is fully configurable on a platform-by-platform basis for fine-grain data filtering.

Product Features

Platform Baselining

Using the platform’s interface control document and recorded traffic, CADS builds a baseline of normal component communication and behavior.

Anomaly Detection

CADS closely monitors all communication for signs of anomalous activity. Whether it is due to a maintenance issue or cyber-attack, if a component’s behavior deviates from the baseline, CADS will detect it, no matter which attack avenue is taken or attack surface utilized.

Real-time Alerting

CADS has the ability to send out customizable, real-time alerts and notifications detailing detected anomalies, allowing pilots, ground crew, and maintainers to make informed decisions when handling issues seen during a mission.

Logging & Post Mission Analysis

CADS provides an easy-to-use interface for viewing and managing all of the data collected from CADS. Logs can be compared across fleets, highlighting expected and unexpected communication patterns. Issues and component behavior can be tracked over time allowing for faster detection of potential faults and predictive maintenance.




CADS is deployable on standalone hardware with a cyber-hardened operating system, and can also be deployed as software only alongside other applications on existing hardware. Installation requires no heavy platform modification, and can be rolled on and off.

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