Aviation Training

C-130 Hercules

Building an air capability doesn’t end when new aircraft hit the runway. It requires a training environment that augments and supports every member of the team, from the pilots in the air to the maintainers on the ground.

When it comes to cutting-edge aviation training, Raytheon Intelligence & Space offers an easy, one-stop-shopping experience for new aviation training needs. We combine our expertise and experience in pilot training, aircraft maintenance, and battlefield operations with next-generation simulation, command and control, and cybersecurity solutions to deliver a seamless, single-source training environment customers can count on through every step of the journey.

Pilot Training

For the past decade, Raytheon Intelligence & Space has supported an aviation program under contract with the U.S. Army, operating four private flight schools that turn inexperienced junior officers into skilled fixed- and rotary-wing aviators. Before graduating flight training, students are qualified on modern, turbine engine aircraft. Additionally, our unique Mentor Assurance Program ensures we build more than just proficient pilots, by focusing on academics, professional military education, and mentoring to also deliver a generation of skilled leaders.

Aviation Maintenance Training

The U.S. Army Contracting Command has selected Raytheon Intelligence & Space to develop two new training programs under the U.S. Army's Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation. These programs are called Aircraft Maintenance Training, or AMT, and Air Force Maintenance Development Center, or AMDC, which provide maintenance training for fixed-wing and rotary aircraft. AMT training is conducted at two of Raytheon Technologies’ private flight schools. AMDC will be the long-term and permanent maintenance training center of excellence.

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