Air Traffic Navigation, Integration, and Coordination System

ATNAVICS system (vehicle mounted)

The Air Traffic Navigation, Integration, and Coordination System, or ATNAVICS, is the world's only fully autonomous, highly mobile, battlefield- proven, International Civil Aviation Organization compliant, complete Ground Controlled Approach (GCA) system that is transportable in a single C-130 aircraft.

The system provides air traffic services for the rapid deployment of troops and equipment to remote locations and also in support of humanitarian missions.


Sensor vehicle

ATNAVICS radar vehicle

The ATNAVICS radar vehicle contains all the electronics and antennas for three radars, which are integrated on a removable pallet, an S-Band Primary Surveillance Radar, an L-Band Secondary Surveillance Radar/identification Friend or Foe, and an X-Band Precision Approach Radar.

Operations vehicle

ATNAVICS operations vehicle

The operations vehicle provides the necessary equipment to support two air traffic control positions and one supervisor position inside the integrated S-788 shelter, and can be located up to 3,200 feet away from the radar vehicle. The operations vehicle can also support six additional external ATC positions.

ATNAVICS uses Raytheon's AutoTrac automation software that is designed to enable simultaneous surveillance and precision approach operations.

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