Airspace Modernization

Airspace Modernization

Airspace Modernization

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Raytheon Intelligence & Space is proud to lead a new alliance of innovators and industry leaders committed to cost-effectively ensuring a secure, future-proof network architecture for the FAA.

The airspace of the future looks drastically different from what we see today. In 10 years there will be as many as one billion drones flying overhead. In order to ensure the safety of the flying public the FAA must develop a flexible and efficient path for introducing new capabilities and entrants.

From proactive cyber threat hunting to GPS-guided precision landing to enhanced mid- and long-range weather planning, Raytheon Technologies continues to pave the way for the data-driven, dynamic future of air travel. Our unique portfolio of automation, surveillance, navigation and landing solutions — backed by extensive expertise in cybersecurity, analytics and advanced software development — is improving safety and efficiency across more than two-thirds of the world's airspace.

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Automation Systems

Timely, accurate information improves the management of air traffic. Raytheon Technologies’ automation systems increase safety and capacity while improving management and optimizing aircraft spacing.

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Real-time air traffic situational awareness enables a safer, more efficient National Airspace System. Our technology creates gap-free surveillance for low altitudes and the ability to detect unmanned aircraft and weather.

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Renders a clearer airspace picture in a shorter amount of time, covering low altitude airspace while simultaneously supporting higher altitude air traffic and weather.

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Deployable Air Traffic Control Automation and Comms System

Designed to be readily adaptable and easily transportable, DAACS fills air traffic control needs with its transportable shelters.

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Navigation and Landing Systems

Reliability, availability and precision are critical to ensuring the safety of flight. Our technology allows aircraft to land with pinpoint accuracy.

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Joint Precision Approach and Landing System

JPALS guides crewed or autonomous aircraft to safe landings on harsh, unforgiving terrain or onto carrier decks in rough seas.

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Wide Area Augmentation System

WAAS monitors and evaluates all GPS signals over North America to enable pilots to fly using augmented GPS data for safety of life missions like precision landing and en-route navigation.

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